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2020 World Championship Cheese Contest

March 3-5, 2020

Join the World’s Premier Cheese Contest:  The World Championship Cheese Contest

2020 marks the 33rd biennial World Championship Cheese Contest®, the world’s long respected and honored technical cheese and butter competition, hosted by the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association!  We invite you to submit your quality cheeses, butter, yogurt, and dry dairy ingredients to the contest for expert technical evaluation and to compete for prestigious awards and global recognition.

Enter your best cheese, butter, yogurt, and dry dairy ingredients!

  • Every maker of cheese, butter, yogurt, or dry dairy ingredients manufactured in the world is eligible to compete.
  • Products must be shipped to arrive no later than February 19, 2020 (February 26, 2020, for fresh cheese and yogurt).
  • On March 3-5, experts from around the globe will evaluate contest entries in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • The announcement of the World Champion will be at Cheese Champion, the Contest’s culminating event on March 5 in Madison.
  • Winners will be honored April 16 at a gala Awards Banquet during CheeseExpo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Winners receive elegant handmade plaques showcasing the World Championship Cheese Contest medallion.
  • Contest winners receive access to contest logo artwork for use in promoting their success.

Contest Entry will be open until January 31, 2020.

General Contest Information:

  • Submit all entry information and payment by January 31, to participate in the 2020 Contest.
  • Entry product shipments need to be received by the Contest February 19, 2020 (Fresh product date is February 27)
  • Contest entry evaluations take place on March 3, 4 & 5, 2020
  • Contest results will be posted during the competition on our website
  • The 2020 World Champion is announced the evening of March 5, 2020, at Cheese Champion, a public reception celebrating the World Championship Cheese Contest in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

Who Can Enter:

  • Any cheesemaker, buttermaker or manufacturer of real cheese, butter, yogurt or dried dairy ingredients may enter the Contest. Each entry must be entered in the name of a person, team, or group directly involved in making the product.
  • Marketers or processors that further market or process (cut or package cheese) cheese or butter may enter products on behalf of the manufacturer, with proper attribution to the original manufacturer. The marketer/ processor would be noted in a secondary position to the cheesemaker. Processors that cut and package products applicable to the Open Class for Shredded Cheese may directly enter these classes.

Full Contest details are available in the 2020 Contest Entry Kit. The kit is available in the following languages: 

  • Entries submitted online with MyEntries are $70 per entry.
  • Mailed paper entry submissions are $80 per entry. Paper entry forms are available here.
Entry Rules:
  • A person, team, or group may enter more than one class. A person or group may be named on multiple entries within the same class. The class descriptions explain the limit on entries allowed per each class.
  • A product can only be entered in one, bestfitting class. A product may not be entered in more than one class. Entries in the open classes are intended for products that do not fit in a product-specific class.
  • Each entry must consist of at least 3 pounds of product in its original form unless otherwise noted in the class.
  • Entries must be sent in their original, manufactured form. DO NOT CUT YOUR CHEESE! Cheese received that is cut or trimmed from its original form will be eliminated from the competition.
    • Exceptions to this rule:
      • Cheese cut during manufacture, such as feta in brine and Swiss blocks, may be entered.
      • Smoked cheeses may be entered in the original form it was smoked.
      • Some large form cheeses may be cut into the following allowed sizes:
        • Cheeses weighing 30- 60kg (66 – 132lbs) may be cut and sent as a half of its original, fully matured size.
        • Cheeses weighing over 60kg (133lbs +) may be cut and sent in as a quarter of its original, fully matured size.
        • 640-pound block cheeses may be cut and sent as 40-pound blocks
  • Cheeses processed for the Shredded Cheese Class and the Prepared Cheese Foods Class may be entered in their processed form.
  • Entries with a trier hole will be disqualified; except entries sent in their complete original form in the Swiss Style Classes, which may have one trier hole.
  • Each whole, original entry sent to the contest weighing more than 65 pounds shall be reimbursed after the conclusion of the contest at $2.50 per pound over 65 pounds.
  • Entries made from raw milk must be held for a minimum of 60 days before contest evaluation. Entries should have a cure normally associated with their variety.
  • Butter entries shall be creamery butter and shall contain not less than 80 percent butterfat. Butter entries may be bulk butter (bag-in-box or tub) or print butter.
  • Entries must be natural or processed dairy products
  • Any cheese containing vegetable oils will be disqualified from the competition. The only exception to this rule is products entered in the Cheese Based Spread class.
  • Products may be sent with or without normal packaging and labels.
  • All samples submitted to Championship Cheese Contests should be carefully examined for contamination or excessive cheese mites. Samples deemed unsafe for consumption will be removed from the contest at the discretion of the chief
  • The chief judge will determine if classes have sufficient entries for competition. If a class is deemed too small, existing entries will be moved to an alternative, appropriate class.
  • Contest staff reserves the right to place entries into the class deemed most appropriate by the chief judge.
Products entered in the competition become the property of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association. The Association may request replacement products if award-winning products become unpresentable for showcase at CheeseExpo in April 2020.

2020 World Championship Cheese Contest – Contest Entry Kit